The Best Sticker Paper and Laminating Sheets
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The Best Sticker Paper and Laminating Sheets

As you've probably noticed, I sell stickers! I work with a printing partner on my larger orders-but I started this line by printing my own! It's inexpensive and really easy!

Here are my favorite sticker making items! Including: A Cricut maker, my printer, my laminator, No Jam-no smudge sticker paper, holographic sticker paper, and thin laminating sheets! 

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The Tools

To start, I use a Cricut Maker. Highly recommend! 

image of cricut maker 3

For printing, I use an Epson Eco-tank, Ive printed hundred and hundreds of sheets without re-filling ink! link to Epson eco tank printer

Once my stickers are printed I use this Scotch pro laminator , true to its name, it has never jammed.

link to scotch pro laminator

The Paper and Laminating Sheets

Ive tried tons of sheets, and hands down, these glossy sheets by Buttercrafts are my favorite! They don't smudge, barely curl, and rarely jam!

Link to buttercrafts glossy sticker paper

They also offer Matte sticker paper and the best Holographic sticker paper around. 

For laminating I use the Amazon Basics pouches.


-Print two sticker sheets and place them back to back.

-Place them in the laminating pouch and laminate.

-THEN break the laminate by cutting off the edges all the way around.

-BOOM- two laminated sheets! 

These are 3-Mil but are thinner than the Scott 3-Mil laminate. This helps the sticker to not be too thick. Laminated stickers are always ideal for flat surfaces, however with a think enough laminate, they work great on rounded surfaces like water bottles. 

Last tip! Place the laminated sheet on your cut board and secure by taping over the cut lines with matte scotch tape. The Cricut will read your lines everytime!

Enjoy making!